Welcome! I am a Ph.D. candidate at Carnegie Mellon University.

An updated list of my publications can be found in Google Scholar and most papers can be accessed through my Robotics Institute profile page.

The code for some projects is also hosted in GitHub.

Spring travel:

· 02/06 CU Boulder
· 02/13 HP Labs
· 02/21 UC Santa Barbara
· 02/24 Oregon State Univ.
· 02/26 CSCW'17

· 03/02 Univ. of Washington
· 03/24 Disney Research L.A.
· 03/29 Columbia Univ.
· 04/11 Yale Univ.
· 04/20 UT Austin

Towards Robot Autonomy: Understanding the Effects of Body Orientation and Gaze
We examined the effects of orientation and gaze behaviors for a robot during small group conversations. Our findings suggested that these behaviors can mutually influece how people perceive them.
Maintaining Awareness of the Focus of Attention of a Conversation
We explored reinforcement learning techniques to find good policies to control the orientation of a mobile robot during social group conversations.
Detection of Conversational Groups and Tracking of Lower Body Orientations
We proposed an alternating optimization procedure to detect F-formations typical of group conversations and estimate the lower body orientation of people in a scene.
Social Group Interactions in a Role-Playing Game
We explored using a social role-playing game to study human-robot interactions. We investigated human spatial behavior and the effects of the role of a robot in the interactions.
Social Engagement Cues in a Child-Robot Interaction: Effects of a Sidekick
We designed and built an expresive furniture robot platform. With this platform, we then explored the impact of a co-located sidekick on human-robot interactions.
3D Printing Pneumatic Device Controls with Variable Activation Force Capabilities
We explored 3D printing physical device controls whose tactile response and shape can be manipulated programmatically through pneumatic actuation.
Autonomous Robots and Trust
We investigated factors that can influence an operator's trust of robots, such as variable autonomy reliability, and worked towards creating a model of trust for human-robot interaction.
On-Site Assisted Photography
We proposed an assisted photography framework to help visually impaired users properly aim a camera and evaluated our implementation in the context of documenting public transportation accessibility.
We studied the effect of robot deception in the context of a multi-player reflex game. The robot was designed to deceive game players with the hope that they would want to play longer and with more interest while eating healthy food.
Video smoothing for small RC helicopters
We proposed a real-time video smoothing approach for the stabilization of videos captured from small helicopter platforms. We also conducted field experiments to test our implementation.
627 Crowd-Sourced Ideas About Future Robots
We surveyed opinions about what robots might do and look like in the future.
Interactive Projection Mapping
We implemented a small interactive projection mapping system.
Teleoperating a robotic arm with the iPhone
We made an interface to control a robot manipulator with a mobile phone.
Bioleta Mata
We explored the idea of mobile plants in this art project.
Jack, El Pirata
We made a video game to explore various artificial intelligence techniques.

None of this work would have been possible without the help of many collaborators, including Aaron Steinfeld, Scott Hudson, Jody Forlizzi, Liz Carter, Chris Harrison, Eric Brockmeyer, Ruta Desai, Moshe Mahler, Holly Yanco, Munjal Desai, Mikhail Medvedev, Sofia Gadea-Omelchenko, Christian Bruggeman, Carolina Chang, Madeline Gannon, Tomas Lampo, Alex May, Wei-Hsuan Chen, Anca Drăgan, Leland Thorpe, Riley Harmon, and Adam Stambler.