Very thankful to the Air Force for supporting our research on fairness and trust in HRI.

NERC 2023 @ Yale

The Northeast Robotics Colloquium (NERC) took place at Yale!

Cambridge, ICRA and AAMAS in the UK

It was great visiting the UK! IMG members presented work at University of Cambridge, ICRA and AAMAS.

New Google Research Scholar Award!

Thanks to Google and the robotics team for their continued support to our research at IMG.

Best Paper Award Nominee at AAAI 2023 Symposium

A paper by IMG members and many other collaborators was nominated to Best Paper Award at the 'HRI in Academia and Industry: Bridging the Gap' AAAI Symposium. The paper is about Benchmarking Social Robot Navigation Across Academia and Industry. Congratulations to all the authors, including Anthony Francis -- who led much of this effort and presented the work.

Paper about Transparent Matrix Overlays wins Best Technical Paper at HRI'23!

Congratulations to all the authors, especially including Jake Brawer!

New papers and demonstrations at HRI'23 in Sweden

New papers about implicit feedback, robot reminders, policy adaptation, and interaction analysis with user-viewpoint visualizations at HRI'23

GaTech GVU Brown Bag Seminar

It was great to visit Georgia Tech in person after so many years of virtual seminar presentations!

HAI'22 and CORL'22 in New Zealand

New IMG work will appear at HAI'22 and CORL'22 this December. One publication, led by Kate Candon, is about how people perceive helping from an agent in a fast-paced and continuous interaction scenario. Another paper, led by Debasmita Ghose in the Yale Social Robotics Lab, is about learning visual object representations tailored to user requirements. Finally, new work on learning behavior policies for robots in groups will be presented by Sarah Gillet at a CORL workshop on aligning robot representations with humans. The latter effort is a collaboration between IMG and the KTH Division Robotics, Perception and Learning.

New NeurIPS'22 paper on facilitating the training of neural network binary classifiers

Nathan Tsoi will be presenting our new NeurIPS paper this month: “Bridging the Gap: Unifying the Training and Evaluation of Neural Network Binary Classifiers”. See for more details.

Northeast Robotics Colloquium (NERC) 2022

I presented our recent work in multi-party HRI at the NERC'22 event in Lowell, MA. Thanks to all of the organizers for such an inspiring event!

Kayla's paper about Ommie wins Best Student Paper Award at RO-MAN'22!

Kayla Matheus, third year Yale PhD student, received the Best Student Paper award at the 31st IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication (RO-MAN 2022). Her paper presents Ommie, a novel robot that supports deep breathing practices for the purposes of anxiety reduction. This work is a collaboration between the Yale Social Robotics Lab and IMG.

New RO-MAN'22, IEEE RA-L and HAI'22 papers

Three new papers will be presented by students in the upcoming months! First, Kayla Matheus will be presenting Ommie at RO-MAN'22 this August. Ommie is a new robot to help people practice deep breathing exercises. This work is a collaboration between the Social Robotics Lab at Yale and IMG. Second, Nathan Tsoi will be presenting SEAN 2.0 at IROS'22 in October (with the paper being officially published in the IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters journal). This paper is a collaboration between IMG and the Intelligent Visual Interfaces Lab at Rutgers. Third, Kate Candon will be presenting a paper about human perceptions of the helpfulness of unexpected agent assistance at HAI'22. Congrats to all the authors!

KTH-RPL Summer School in Sweden

I presented our recent work in multi-party HRI at the 2022 Summer School organized by the Division of Robotics, Perception and Learning of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology. Thanks to the organizing committee for putting together such a fun and enlightening event!

ICRA Workshop on Social Robot Navigation: Advances and Evaluation

It was great to see the community come together both in-person and virtually for our Social Robot Navigation workshop! Thanks to everybody who contributed to making this event happen, including the event co-organizers (Abhijat Biswas, Nathan Tsoi, Allan Wang & Aaron Steinfeld) and undergrad collaborators (Gustavo Silvera, Peter Yu, Xiao (Ivy) He and Liyao Fu).

Bethany's Girls Exploring Math and Science Program

Thanks to the Bethany Community School for inviting me to present our research to female students in grades four through six.


It's exciting to see the meeting finally take place after many months of planning and coordination efforts in collaboration with K. Bekris (Rutgers), E. Plaku (NSF), J. Wachs (NSF), F. King (Vanderbilt), and J. Gigax (Vanderbilt). Thanks to all other faculty, industry officials, and federal officials who are also contributing in many ways to the meeting.

2022 NSF FRR CAREER Award!

Thanks to NSF, we will keep working towards advancing group HRI, engaging the public with robotics and building a more diverse CS workforce.

New HRI 2022 paper

Sarah Gillet will be presenting a collaborative project between IMG and KTH at HRI'22. The goal of the project is learning robot gaze policies for balancing participation in human groups.

Social Navigation Symposium by Google+Stanford

Nathan Tsoi and I represented IMG at the symposium.