Courses Offered at Yale

- CPSC-459/559: Building Interactive Machines (undergraduate & graduate course)
This project-based course brings together methods from Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Robotics, and Human-Computer Interaction to enable interactive machines to perceive and act in dynamic environments. Part of the course will examine approaches for perception with a variety of devices and algorithms; the other part will focus on methods for decision making. The course is a combination of lectures, reviews of state-of-the-art papers, discussions, coding assignments, and a final team project. Course offerings: Fall 2018 (offered as CPSC-659), Fall 2019.

- CPSC-429/529: Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction (undergraduate & graduate course)
This course introduces students to the interdisciplinary field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). It covers principles and techniques in the design, development, and evaluation of interactive systems, and provides students with an introduction to UX Design and User-Centered Research. Additionally, some classes will focus on emergent areas within HCI, like Human-Robot Interaction, AR/VR, and Fabrication. The course is organized as a series of lectures, presentations, a mid-term exam, and a semester-long group project on designing a new interactive system. Course offerings: Spring 2018.